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Halloween Custom by HearlessSoul

Sexy, Cute, Nice and detailed I was going to write this in a comment but I felt that the critique would be more appropriate.
I like the concept of Morrigan alot and seeing Summer dressed up as her really made my day.
I like the expre4ssion on her face seeming almost surprised.
I especially like the background cause it reminds me of the days when pumpkins, skeletons, bat, tombstones, blackcats and spider webs were so fairly decorated in my neighborhood when I lived in Cudahy.
I just love this picture and it deserves everything it gets from admirerers such as myself.
I'd give 5 stars to the other 2 but I'm going to be very honest with myself I'm an appreciative person of the Sonic Franchise and enjoy it's fan base quite alot.
But it annoys me to see people using Sonic characters as the whole build of their character.

You on the other hand use a completely original form of this and it makes me feel completely relieved that not every sonic fan uses the cheap way of making an OC.

That is my Critique all-in-all I LOVE this drawing and it deserves all the love it earns
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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